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*Looks at Hannah*
*Quiet whisper*
Please be like a sister please be like a sister

#Supernatural #there's like a million reasons not to pair them off #the most important two are that female love interests die and this show doesn't need any more dead laadies #the other is she's a direct parallel to Cas and that'd basically be selfcest

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now that I’ve been watching btvs, I think I can see one of the places where spn went wrong

one of the problems on SPN is that TPTB established too early that the boys could take care of themselves - by season 3 (possibly earlier) the audience knows that whatever monster gets thrown at them, sam and dean can deal with it. They’re experienced and they’ll beat it - and that’s ok, just as long as other conflicts spring up to hinder them and make the story interesting.

But instead of using personal relationships and character development to create those conflicts (that happens, but usually it takes the form of petty fights between the brothers that are resolved relatively quickly), the writers just kept introducing bigger monsters. They needed to, in order to keep the audience interested. By the time season 7 rolled around, they were fighting the Biggest Bad Ever and things got pretty boring. By continuously trying to one-up themselves, the writers reached a level of Big Bad that was almost laughable (creatures that can only be killed by cleaning products? really??). Rather than focusing on expanding the actual characters, they took too much time trying to expand the universe.

Sorry for that little rant. I just thought the idea was interesting :)

#supernatural #btvs #buffy was by no means perfect but it was more than a few levels above where Supernatural has ended up

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"season 10 probably won’t be the last season" 

more like


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its so fucking weird because SPN is supposed to be all about free will

but nearly every freaking female angel that has ever been introduced has been killed off because they decided to make their own decisions (instead of having blind faith in Cas or the Winchesters)

and those choices just so happen to be the ‘wrong choices’ usually because they’re willing to sacrifice one of the boys in the process.

because they can’t handle that much power. they can’t handle the power of making choices. they can’t handle having agency. they don’t know the ~true meaning~ of free will

because it’s not like Cas has made some pretty drastic choices that resulted in millions dead. or that Sam and Dean have killed countless of people (both monster and people) in order to reach their goals.

but when Hael reacts out of fear and desperation, she’s instantly painted as creepy and evil

when Hester decides to kill Castiel out of vengeance for all of her fallen brethren, she’s just a bitch on a rampage (not like there’s any vengeance arcs on this show amirite)

when Rachel tries stopping Castiel from opening up Purgatory, she needs to die

Anna comes back after months of torture and reprogramming and yet she’s STILL rooting for humanity. She’s not killing Sam for the shits and giggles, she’s doing it to save the fucking world. But not one ounce of sympathy from the characters or the narrative itself. She’s just a psycho bitch.

It’s like. These women took on a huge amount of autonomy and agency. But the moment their free will took them places that didn’t align with Cas or Sam or Dean, they were instantly vilifed by narrative, portrayed as going “nuts” or overemotional. Which is…really freaking disturbing, considering that in real life, people are reluctant to give women too much power because “they won’t be able to handle it”

And that’s what happens with every fucking one of these ladies. And don’t go around telling me that SPN “does this with everyone” because honestly, there’s only been A VERY SMALL HANDFUL of female angels on the show, and almost all of them have gone down this route.

It’s okay for Cas to make mistakes, as he discovers the pros and cons of free will. He gets to learn from them, live the the repercussions, and then move on. He’s allowed to make choices out of emotion. We get to see his side of the story. He’s given the benefit of the doubt.*

Gabriel’s experience with free will is portrayed as shady, but positive at the end. Balthazar’s death is heartbreaking, but sympathetic. Even Lucifer’s perspective of being unjustly punished for exercising freedom of choice is viewed in an extremely sympathetic light.

There’s obviously been some male angels that have been fucked over by SPN’s “”free will”“”. But considering that we have so many positive examples of choice in male angels, and so very, very few female angels as a whole, I think it’s something worth discussing.

Because women can’t handle the power of choice. They can’t handle having autonomy and agency over their own destinies. They turn into “crazy bitches”. And for that, they need to die.


*(Granted, he’s pretty much always in the wrong whenever he does something that isn’t the Winchester’s way, but that’s basically A WHOLE OTHER POST about how morality in SPN is p-much Dean -and to a lesser extent, Sam- oriented and that nearly every side character gets fucked over by it at one point or another)

#supernatural #gender equality and shit #sooooo problematic #like to the point where when people tell me they've gotten into it I want to ask htem how they managed it #because I started watching young #when I didn't have these solid perspectives on how my gender should be represented and treated by the media #and I've grown attached to the charactes so I keep watching #but damn if I were starting now I'd have So many issues with it

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Dean Winchester, the Righteous Man, the True Vessel of the Archangel Michael, calls upon an Angel to heal his brother’s mortal wounds.


Sam Winchester, the Boy King, the True Vessel of Lucifer the Enemy, calls upon a Demon to bring his brother back from Death.



And as a result, the other brother ends up as the one thing they were never supposed to become: The Boy King an angel; the Righteous Man a demon

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If only the fandom remembered how much their daddy loved them…

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sam winchester being a totally selfish asshole (◡‿◡✿)

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9x14: linda tran appreciation

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One of my friends has a little thing in her car that says ‘Don’t drive faster than your guardian angel can fly’ and she’s a Supernatural fan so I got this mental image of Castiel flapping frantically after the Winchester’s car going “Dean goddammit there’s a speed limit”

#supernatural #cas

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this is a list of petty complaints about supernatural

  • we never get to see interior shots of the impala driving during the day anymore. yeah, I know they’re proud of their state-of-the-art night driving stage setup, but I miss seeing actual scenery going by
  • no scars from their zillion injuries
  • how were sam and dean in high school at the same time when they’re 4 years 3 months 8 days apart and dean dropped out
  • why do they sleep in their clothes all the time
  • why don’t they even try to exorcise demons anymore
  • seriously they’ve probably killed over a hundred innocent people by now
  • they could use that exorcism recording trick why don’t they do that all the time
  • "christo"
  • why don’t they put devil’s traps in all their bullets like they did with abaddon that one time
  • what the fuck happened to the colt
  • grand fucking canyon
  • which characters get angel resurrections is totally arbitrary
  • crowley, the king of hell, spending a season looking for a way into purgatory when there was a portal there in hell this whole time apparently
  • so are sam’s powers gone or does he just choose not to use them
  • why don’t they ever get recognized when they were nationally wanted like 2 or 3 times
#why do all the women die? #supernatural

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Little Brother Sam Winchester

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I was really worried supernatural was gonna pull a dick move and have Dean agree or some shit but then this happened and I got so happy

#she was such a cutie #supernatural