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Sometimes I think if you didn't have me, there wouldn't be a single person in the world who really understood you.

Captain America vol. 5 #11

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a ravenclaw inventing a spell like “ive enchanted this quill so that one dip in an inkwell and it will be able to draw from that inkwell until its out! no redipping!” and their muggle born friend just

"a… literally just used magic to make a pen" 

And then the muggleborn gives them a normal pen and they’re just like “how does it workOH MY MERLIN IT CLICKS” and they just spend the whole class clicking their pen

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*internal screaming intensifies*

Yes, Ecbert. That banner flies over the good ship Athelnar, whose mighty sails will bring you Certain Doom. 

the good ship Athelnar

honestly I think Ecbert would board that ship if he could

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Today is Copernicus’s 541st birthday. You may remember Copernicus as the man who said “Hey, what if the Earth went around the sun?” To which the Catholic Church replied “Hey, what if we set you on fire?” 

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Athelstan is a little jealous of Raggy’s new tiny companion.


Athelstan is a little jealous of Raggy’s new tiny companion.

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in the movie a little boy recognises steve at the captain america exhibit. it’s my headcanon that a little girl recognises bucky when he goes to the smithsonian exhibit to find out who he really is

because little girls have heroes too

"You should tie your hair back," a little girl with pitch-black hair says to the Winter Soldier. He stares down at her, silent, but she continues undeterred. "Mommy says that we need to have our hair tied back or we’ll trip over things because we can’t see. She makes me wear these—" She displays her wrist, which is encircled by a rainbow of different hair bands. "—because mine keep falling out. You can’t fight evil if you can’t see it. I want to be a police officer when I grow up. Are you a…"

She trails off, her eyes steadily getting bigger. They dart to the large digital image of James Buchanan Barnes, then back to his face. The Winter Soldier’s eyes dart, too, over the exits and the crowd and the girl’s distracted mother—attempting to corral three other black-haired children—before landing back on the girl’s face, where an improbable grin has begun to grow.

"I knew it," she whispers.

The Winter Soldier blinks down at her, thrown off by the delight in her expression. No one is ever happy to see the Soldier.

The girl reins in her wide grin and does her own scan of the crowd. “Don’t worry, I won’t tell. People can’t handle the truth. But I can.” She turns her shining eyes back to the Soldier.

Slowly, very slowly, the Soldier reaches out with hands that have broken, maimed, strangled, shot, stabbed, and ripped apart human flesh. His voice creaks out of him, rusty with disuse. “Can I have a hair tie?”

Without taking her eyes off him, the girl rolls a light blue one out of the rainbow and hands it over.

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'Talk Radio' on Broadway (2007)

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Do you wanna build a viking ship? [x]

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Five things to remember when a horrid day is beating you into the ground:

  1. Trees grow outwards, rings upon rings. Allow yourself to spread that quietly. One day you’ll look back and be astonished by how far you’ve come.
  2. We power our lives with the remains of dinosaurs. People will remind you that the dinosaurs are dead but I think it’s pretty cool that there’s enough life in them to give you a shower hot enough to burn.
  3. You’ll have a lot of chances to start again. It’s okay to never take them.
  4. Some scientists figured out how to play god with genes and out of all the endless possibilities available to them they decided to make rabbits glow in the dark.
  5. You are stars and sea and your heritage stretches back to the very first life form. Never believe that you are nothing.

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i don’t play kingdom hearts and i don’t care about context

but for me this is a gif of a chess piece trying to seduce a girl by sensually thrusting its crotch at her and a suave guy in the background wondering why his chess friend can’t just be chill around the ladies


so this is what Kingdom Hearts looks like to outsiders

I have to reblog this too just because it makes me crack up.

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Sometimes I wonder what it’d be like to turn to a life of crime. Probably the same.


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how much do islands cost i want one

Less than a college education


what the fuck

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