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On September 22nd, 1776, Captain Nathan Hale, America’s first military spy, was executed by the British after a brief and unsuccessful first mission.  Hale, an idealistic, handsome, twenty-one-year-old schoolteacher from Connecticut, had spent his budding military career longing to be of greater use to his country.  His opportunity finally came when he alone accepted General Washington’s request to seek out information.  Less than two weeks into his mission, Hale was captured by the notorious Robert Rogers and his rangers.

Brought to the headquarters of General Sir William Howe, Hale was not tried by any sort of court martial and was immediately sentenced to die the following morning.  In his final hours, under the careful watch of Provost Marshal William Cunningham, Hale’s final requests for a minister and a Bible were denied.  Hale seems to have been allowed to write letters to his family and commanding officer, but these letters were destroyed, unsent.  Later, Cunningham would reveal that he had kept the young spy’s Yale College diploma as a trophy.

The following morning, at eleven o’clock, the British led Hale to a location that, according to the headquarters orderly book, was “in front of the Artillery Park” (approximately the intersection 66th Street and 3rd Avenue in present day Manhattan).  The noose was ready and waiting for him.  His famous last words of "I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country" are likely apocryphal, though eyewitness accounts suggest he still said something profound.  After Hale stated his final words and regrets, Provost Marshal Cunningham shouted, “Swing the rebel off!”

And so they did.

As an example to other potential spies, Hale’s body was left out to rot for three unusually hot days.  Passersby spat on it and threw things.  Some enterprising local hung up an effigy of Washington beside him, and others still nailed messages to his chest.  Finally, Nathan Hale’s body was cut down, stripped of its clothing, and buried in a shallow, unmarked grave.

In a subsequent prisoner exchange, Captain William Montresor met with American Captain Alexander Hamilton and related the fate of the spy.  Hamilton brought the news back to his superiors, who did their best to keep the embarrassing failure quiet.  So quiet, in fact, that Hale’s own family was not informed of his death.  His regiment’s records simply state that Nathan Hale was killed on September 22nd.

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now that I’ve been watching btvs, I think I can see one of the places where spn went wrong

one of the problems on SPN is that TPTB established too early that the boys could take care of themselves - by season 3 (possibly earlier) the audience knows that whatever monster gets thrown at them, sam and dean can deal with it. They’re experienced and they’ll beat it - and that’s ok, just as long as other conflicts spring up to hinder them and make the story interesting.

But instead of using personal relationships and character development to create those conflicts (that happens, but usually it takes the form of petty fights between the brothers that are resolved relatively quickly), the writers just kept introducing bigger monsters. They needed to, in order to keep the audience interested. By the time season 7 rolled around, they were fighting the Biggest Bad Ever and things got pretty boring. By continuously trying to one-up themselves, the writers reached a level of Big Bad that was almost laughable (creatures that can only be killed by cleaning products? really??). Rather than focusing on expanding the actual characters, they took too much time trying to expand the universe.

Sorry for that little rant. I just thought the idea was interesting :)

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PHP stands for “PHP Hypertext Parser”

Because recursion

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There’s a difference between wanting to change your body to improve and strengthen it and wanting to change your body because you hate it. It’s important to know the difference because one of those will destroy you from the inside out.

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love yourself and accept the fact that steve rogers is bisexual

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Would you look at that, a gay actor playing a gay character who’s the lead of the show that’s a BBC gay spy drama.

Like, are they spies who are gay, or are they spying ON gays.

Gay spies. Who might also be spying on gay ppl.

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"I just want someone to hear what I have to say. And maybe if I talk long enough, it’ll make sense."
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Justin Lynch beating Michael Phelps record at just 16

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every ring is a mood ring when you feel nothing 

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The Simpsons Episode 8x10 - The Springfield Files

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i am not a woman… x x

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Leslie Knope tries impressions and accents


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look its transparent


look its transparent

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"I think if I had given Kirk and the others what I suspect 23rd century values and morals may actually be, they would have either angered or scared the pants off the average viewer."

Gene Roddenberry (x)

THIS.  This is exactly what Star Trek XIII should do.  ST09 and STID were too CONSERVATIVE.  Go there, do that.  YES.  Boldly go, motherfuckers!

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Liz Climo on Tumblr.

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